Motorcycles are no longer just another means of transport but have become a separate culture of their own. Nowadays, there is a wide range of motorcycles available, from small engine scooters to big and powerful beasts that have unbelievable acceleration and speed.

However, such advancements in the motorcycle industry also mean that bikes have become very dangerous machines if not handled with the respect they deserve. The annual death toll from motorcycle accidents is on the rise, with the associated costs from these crashes running into billions of dollars.

One way to reduce motorcycle deaths is by using proper safety gear, such as wearing a full-face helmet. At YG Moto, we stock some of the highest quality KYT helmets you can find. Visit our website today for the full range of KYT full-face helmets.

Features of a Good Full Face Helmet

When you jump onto your motorcycle, your safety should be the most important thing on your mind. It is not enough to buy any random helmet, because some types and brands are simply not good enough to provide you with proper protection.

KYT full-face helmets can guarantee idn play your safety, thanks to the following features:

Safety Rating

Any reliable supplier of motorcycle safety accessories is required by law to ensure compliance with safety regulations. As such, a good helmet will always come with a safety rating from a trusted organization.

Wide Visor

Visibility should never be compromised while wearing a helmet because it could be the difference between life and death. A wide face visor is the best option because it will provide you with better peripheral vision. Go for a quick change visor too, because it will be much easier to remove and clean.

Strong Outer Shell

It goes without saying that an effective motorcycle helmet will have a strong outer shell to withstand high-impact crashes while keeping your head protected. KYT helmets are made from durable, lightweight material that complies with the highest safety standards.


Look for a helmet with at least a chin vent, a couple of forehead vents, and some exhaust vents. Most helmets these days will have at least those basic vents but it is still something worth looking out for. A good chin vent should be designed in such a way to be able to prevent misting up of the visor. Another thing to consider is whether the vents are closable, which is an important feature when riding through extreme, wet conditions.


An ill-fitting helmet will not only be uncomfortable for you to wear over extended periods but is also a safety hazard. During a crash, a poorly fitted helmet might fall off at the wrong time, or become very difficult for paramedics to remove while trying to assist you. Long distances also become a problem if your helmet does not fit properly.

Some Great Full Face Helmets To Choose From

The YG Moto website has a lot of great full-face helmet options to choose from. While your choice will ultimately depend on the features and design style you are looking for, here are some good options for you to consider:

1. Falcon 2 – Plain Pearl White

First on our list is the Falcon 2 – Plain Pearl White from KYT. This affordable option comes at a very low price and is great for riders working on a tight budget. Do not let the low price fool you though, because it comes loaded with all the best safety features that are standard for all KYT helmets.

The ADT-advanced thermoplastic shell is lightweight and offers above industry standard crash protection. This helmet is also a good fit for a wide range of types of motorcycles thanks to its plain but beautifully designed look.

2. NF-R – Plain Matt Black

If you are looking for something a bit more retro in looks, then we suggest KYT’s NF-r – Plain Matt Black full-face helmet. There is something unique about the style and design of this helmet that sets it apart from other helmets in this category.

Expect to enjoy features such as great aerodynamics and improved airflow within the helmet. An internal polystyrene liner adds to the comfort and safety levels while making the helmet a lot easier to clean.

3. NX-Race – Carbon Prisma

Built for the rider who wants nothing but the best in terms of performance and aerodynamics, the NX-Race – Carbon Prisma is a great option if you are not afraid to spend a little bit extra. It is one of the more expensive options from KYT, but the great design and features make it worthwhile.

It has an extra-wide visor to guarantee better peripheral and vertical vision for its users. The ventilation has also been cleverly designed to ensure great airflow and fresh air diffusion inside the helmet, while not compromising on its aerodynamics.

4. TT Course – Black Gloss

If you are looking for something a bit different, yet still functional and suitable for a tight budget, then you should take a look at the TT Course – Black Gloss from KYT. Its shiny black gloss finish is just one of its standout features, with the other being its unique shape, which is quite different from other KYT helmet options. The helmet comes with an inner lining made of breathable synthetic fibers that offer very high sweat absorption.

5. TT Course – Tourist Matt Cool Grey

This last addition on our list comes at an affordable price which is quite surprising considering its good looks and safety features. The TT Course – Tourist Matt Cool Grey has a great retention system thanks to its fitted micrometric buckle. The helmet comes in two sizes, medium and large, and has a lightweight but durable thermoplastic resin shell for maximum head protection.

Final Word

A helmet has to first fulfill its two basic functions of safety and comfort before it can be considered a good helmet. There are a lot of options out there, and it is very important to choose carefully because your life may depend on it. YG Moto has a wide range of high-quality, safety-guaranteed KYT full-face helmets for you to choose from.