When choosing a helmet to give you a competitive advantage, you’ll need something that has been specially crafted. This is exactly what you get with the KYT NX Race.

Style and sophistication meet performance and comfort in this innovative racing helmet. It was designed with professional racers in mind using special software to test its aerodynamics, ensuring that it is well suited for competitive users that need a high-performance product.

However, it does not prioritize high performance over comfort, so you can expect a durable product that gives you comfortable wear and excellent protection from the wind tunnels you will encounter during high-speed chases.

Product Description

Ingenuity and research-based designs have played a significant role in the development of this product. If you’re wondering what features you can expect from this racing helmet, here are more details about its build quality:

1. Crash-resistant Outer Shell

High-speed racing requires superior protection, which is why the KYT NX Race has a robust, durable outer shell made from a combination of fiberglass, carbon, and Kevlar. This makes it highly durable and resistant to damage during crashes, which means that you’ll have the life-saving protection you need should something go wrong.

The KYT NX Race’s black and red design is appealing and appreciated by many professional racers, and it is available in medium and large variations. Optimum airflow is ensured by three front vents in the outer shell.

2. Removable High-quality Visor

The KYT NX Race has been built using a PC-injected, class one optic material that is also scratch-resistant to ensure that you have a clear view of the racecourse ahead.

This means that your view will never be obstructed, and thanks to a high-quality build, nothing will get in the way of your racing performance!

Thanks to a detachable and lockable visor design, the KYT NX Race is well suited for racing and road usage.

3. Comfortable, Breathable Inner Design

Ventilation plays a major role in racing helmet design, and this helmet doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to design. Racing is a sport, and, like all sports, it causes sweating.

Fortunately, the KYT NX Race has been specially designed to combat sweat and odor build-up. In addition to the outer vents on the external shell, channels have also been incorporated into the inner polystyrene layer.

You can keep your helmet clean by removing the inner compartments and cheek pads, and thanks to a special combination of bi-elastic and synthetic materials and sponges with open channels, you can rest assured that you won’t be sweaty and uncomfortable with your helmet on.

Who Should Wear the KYT NX Race?

The KYT NX Race is a full-face helmet designed for use by racing riders, track riders, and riders on super sports motorcycles. You can use the helmet when competing in major competitions, such as the MOTO GP, MOTO 2, MOTO 3, and more.

Up Your Game with the KYT NX Race!

Use this innovative racing helmet to get a competitive advantage thanks to its intelligent aerodynamic design. Place your order for the KYT NX Race today!

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