You’ll love the KYT NF-J open face helmet! It is a fashionable, crash-resistant helmet that is ideal for use while riding around the city. The attractive design will ensure that you’re the talk of the town, while its excellent build quality keeps you safe wherever you are.

With a micrometric buckle to ensure that your protective helmet remains in place, an anti-scratch visor, and a functional ventilation system, the KYT NF-J will provide the assurance you need to ride with your head held high.

Product Description

Before making a purchase, it’s important to look at the product specifications to determine whether it is right for you. Here are some of the features the KYT NF-J offers:

1. Stylish, Strong Outer Shell

The KYT NF-J is crafted using thermoplastic resins of the highest quality to create a strong, crash-resistant outer shell. It is available in two sizes and has a strong buckle to keep your support in place as you commute.

In true Broc Parkes style, the helmet incorporates elements of the Australian flag, with additional elements and branding at the bottom. It has also been designed to be breathable and includes vents on the outer shell to prevent sweat build-up.

2. Functional Visor

The KYT NF-J has a PC-injected visor for extra strength and durability. It has a hook and rotation system that lets you remove the visor quickly and easily if you’d like to take in the fresh air or allow more ventilation.

You won’t have to worry about replacing the helmet, either, since the visor is resistant to scratches, which ensures maximum visibility at all times to keep you safe on the road.

3. Breathable Inner Compartment

The KYT NF-J helmet is padded with polystyrene and a combination of bi-elastic and synthetic fabric with open cells for comfort and breathability. The protective polystyrene lining allows gradual energy absorption to lessen the blow of an impact.

It also features cheek pads for additional comfort, which you can remove and wash. The product is available in medium and large to ensure that the helmet is ergonomic and fits correctly.

Is This the Right Helmet for You?

It goes without saying that you should get this helmet if you’re a fan of Broc Parkes. The KYT NF-J has been specially designed for city commuting and offers the protection you’ll need to stay safe while on the move.

The helmet also features a sporty design and a removable visor for protection from wind tunnels and debris so that you can focus on safe travel. Keep in mind that it is a ¾ helmet, so if you need a open face helmet, we advise obtaining a full-face option instead.

Buy the KYT NF-J Today!

With so many features, there’s little reason not to love the KYT NF-J! With an aerodynamic design and an emphasis on safety, it provides everything you could need for a trip on your motorcycle!

If you’re looking for a more advanced design for racing or a beginner-friendly option, browse our category page to see more great products!