KYT Open Face Helmets

As important as safety equipment is when riding a motorcycle, it should not be so restrictive that it takes away from the enjoyment of the experience. A poorly designed, ill-fitting helmet, is one way to spoil your riding pleasure.

Luckily, thanks to the extensive range of KYT open face helmets available at YG Moto, you can choose the best helmet to suit your riding needs while keeping you safe in case of a crash. KYT places safety, comfort, and design above all else, and this is evident in its helmet designs.

Being involved in an accident is not something anyone would ever wish for, but unfortunately, it does happen, and with alarming regularity when motorcycles are involved. That is why it is a idn poker requirement, by law, to always have a helmet on while riding a motorcycle.

Benefits of an Open Face Helmet

Many different types of helmets are available, and depending on the type of bike or favorite style, most riders usually have a specific preference. One of the most popular types of helmets is the open-face helmet.

While its safety features might not match other helmet types such as full-face helmets, the open face helmet does have a few benefits f its own, such as:

Better Cooling

One major drawback that makes people hate wearing motorcycle helmets is that it can get very hot and musty inside a helmet, especially during summer. The open-face helmet allows you to feel the wind on your face and better enjoy the riding experience.

Easier Communication

Talking can be quite difficult while wearing a helmet because apart from your voice being muffled, other people cannot see your mouth and facial expressions, which are very important aspects of communication.

When wearing an open-face helmet, it becomes easier to communicate with other drivers, which can prove to be very important in some cases. Other motorcycle riders have to remove their helmets to be understood, but that is not a problem if you are wearing an open-face helmet.

Looks Good

There is no denying, that in most cases, an open-face helmet looks very cool compared to the full-face option. Certain types of bikes, such as the Harley Davidson, just look so much better when the rider is wearing an open-face helmet.

Very Light

Compared to the full-face helmet, an open-face helmet is much lighter and has greater freedom of movement. This feature makes it the more comfortable option, especially when it comes to taking long rides that can become very fatiguing.

Better Visibility

The open-face helmet offers much better fields of vision in terms of both peripheral and vertical angels of sight. This is a very important safety feature when riding on the road with other motor vehicles around.

Are Open Face Helmets Safe?

While full-face helmets undoubtedly offer much greater crash protection than open-face helmets, both still have a lot of great safety features to offer. Safety is not just about the strength of the helmet and the ability to cover the entire face. There are a lot of other features that contribute to the overall safety features. slot88

With open-face helmets, you get better visibility thanks to the wide-open visors. The improved ventilation also means less risk of misting and better comfort. All these features add to the rider’s ability to ride safely.

Which Open Face Helmets Are the Best Options?

YG Moto stocks an extensive range of KYT open face helmets, and any one of these would be a great option for motorbike riders who are concerned about safety. However, to help you choose, here are some great options to consider:

1. Hellcat – Plain Matt Black

Affordable, simple, and with just a hint of the popular KYT style, the Hellcat – Plain Matt Black is a great choice for a cheaper but still safe option. There are no unnecessary additions to this helmet. You get the basics that you need for your safety only, such as a strong shell and a wide, scratch-resistant visor. bonus new member

2. Hellcat – Superfluo Red

Are you willing to pay just a little bit extra for some added style and design? Try the Hellcat – Superfluo Red for a good-looking, yet still affordable helmet option. You will get all the basic features of a reliable safety helmet, but with the addition of a bit more styling. The aerodynamics is quite good at that price, and when taken care of, this is the kind of helmet that can last you a long time.

3. NF-J – Xavier Simeon Replica

How about a helmet that was made to stand out in a crowd? The NF-J – Xavier Simeon Replica is one of the most stylish open-face helmets you will get from KYT. With a high level of style and design, this option is worth every cent of its rather expensive price. If you are a rider who wants to look good as well as stay safe, then this is the best option for you.

4. NF-J – Dennis Foggia Leopard Replica

This is a helmet that will look just as good on a racing circuit as it would on a highway. The thermoplastic resin infusion gives the NF-j – Dennis Foggia Leopard Replica a very high crash resistance, making it both stylish and safe. Furthermore, the internal polystyrene lining adds to the safety by allowing gradual absorption on an impact.

5. NF-J – Jaume Masia Replica

If you simply must have the best, and the cost is not an issue, then take a look at the NF-J – Jaume Masia Replica open-face KMT helmet. Loaded with all the great features found on a top-tier helmet, it is the unique and beautiful style that will catch your eye. This is a must-have for any rider who takes their appearance very seriously. rtp slot


Going for an open-face helmet does not mean compromising on safety. At YG Moto, we have a lot of KMT helmets that will suit your safety needs while at the same time, giving you the freedom to choose how you want to look.

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