Thanks to the commercialization of dirt bike sports and big-money stunt events, off-road motorbiking has become very popular, especially among young adults. These days, any reputable motorcycle manufacturer has to have an entire product category dedicated to off-road bikes and their associated safety gear.

Chief among off-road bike accessories is a good quality off-road helmet. This is arguably the most important of all off-road safety equipment, so much so, that it is against the law to be caught riding your bike without one.

Luckily, gone are the days when a motorcycle helmet meant something hot and cumbersome, that spoiled your entire look. Thanks to manufacturers such as KYT, off-road helmets now come in all shapes and sizes.

Why Do You Need an Off-Road Helmet?

You might be wondering why one would need to buy a helmet specifically for off-road riding. Why not just use a regular motorcycle helmet? Certain advantages come with using an off-road helmet.

Very Light Weight

Compared to regular types, such as the full-face helmet, an off-road helmet is usually much lighter and therefore a lot more comfortable to wear. Off-road riding often includes a lot of sharp turns and bouncing up and down, which means you need a lightweight helmet that gives you freedom of movement.

Maximum Ventilation

The extreme nature of off-road riding means that ventilation is very important. That is why off-road helmets are often designed with a wide-open face that allows a lot of air to blow through while riding. The warm weather that is ideal for off-road riding is not good for riders wearing closed helmets.

Lack of Visor

Most regular off-road helmets completely lack a visor. The reason for this is that a visor traps a lot of dirt and dust inside it, which makes breathing and seeing very difficult. Riding at high speeds on off-road tracks would then become very dangerous. Instead, off-road helmets are usually worn with a pair of special goggles that do not allow dirt and dust to enter.

Can You Wear an Off-Road Helmet on the Street?

In most cases, off-road helmets are designed to meet the same safety standards as regular helmets. Such features as strength of the helmet, visibility, ventilation, and aerodynamics are common to both road helmets, and off-road helmets. In fact, in some cases, off-road helmets are actually better than other helmets due to the demanding nature of off-road biking

Therefore, it is possible to wear an off-road helmet while riding on the road. The only slight disadvantage is that the design of off-road helmets is better suited for dirt tracks than tarred roads, where it would look out of place. There are, however, some off-road helmets that will look good on the tarmac as well.

Take a Look at These Options from KYT

The wide range of KYT off-road helmets that can be found at YG Moto makes it very difficult to know which one will be the right choice for your needs. That is why we have decided to review a few great options to help you decide. Here are some of the helmets we think you should consider:

1. Cross Over – Ktime Red Or Yellow Fluo

The cheapest option on the list is the Cross Over – Ktime Red/Yellow Fluo which is very affordable regardless of having a tight budget. This helmet has a particularly hard and thick shell that offers much better impact protection in case there is a crash. An internal polystyrene liner adds to the comfort and safety levels while making the helmet a lot easier to clean.

2. Strike Eagle – K-MX Black Or Red

Stylish, safe, and affordable are the best ways to describe the Strike Eagle – K-MX Black/Red from KYT. It is made using a Tri-fiber composite which makes it both very strong and extremely lightweight. Available in medium and large sizes, this helmet also has a removable inner lining for easier cleaning. The retention mechanism features a unique double-o ring which ensures secure attachment and great stability, especially when riding hard on dirt roads.

3. Strike Eagle – Web Matt Green Or Red

This helmet might seem expensive at first glance, but when one looks at the level of design and host of safety features it comes with, then it actually becomes a value for money option. The Strike Eagle – Web Matt Green/Red is extremely comfortable thanks to the improved airflow within the helmet that keeps the rider cool even on warm days. Moreover, the design is also very aerodynamic for increased efficiency.

4. Strike Eagle – Stripe White Or Blue

If you regularly go off-road biking, but you sometimes just want to ride around town, and you need a helmet that will look good in both circumstances, then the Strike Eagle – Stripe White/Blue might be a good option. The styling is not so intense that you would be unable to ride it around town, but it is still enough to show that it is an off-road helmet.

In terms of safety features, there are no concerns there, because this helmet meets all the basic requirements easily. The shell is strong and impact-resistant, there is no visor, and it is a light, comfortable, and easy-to-clean helmet. This is a great choice for riders who are looking for an all-around, multipurpose, off-road helmet.

5. Strike Eagle – Plain Matt Black

Sometimes, the simplest designs produce the best results. That is certainly the case with the last off-road helmet on our list. The Strike Eagle – Plain Matt Black is as simple as it comes when it comes to design, but the overall effect is stunning. This is a great helmet that will look good anywhere, anytime. With all the required safety features, this off-road helmet will help you look good no matter how extreme your off-road activity is.

Final Thought

As exciting as it might be to go off-road every now and then, the dangers of such activities can never be underestimated. Your own safety should never be compromised, which is why choosing a strong and reliable off-road helmet should be one of the first things you do. Visit the YG Moto website and take a look at their impressive section of KYT off-road helmets.