KYT Racing Helmets – The Benefits

Racing is something that many people do as a hobby, and they want to stay protected. While they should wear knee pads, gloves, and appropriate clothing, the helmet is likely the most important part of their PPE.

The KYT brand has over two decades of experience crafting sleek helmets designed for racing. They perform well and protect the riders who wear them.

Overall, the designs offer better aerodynamics and ventilation and maintain the best crash protection level available. The brand’s intense focus allows it to produce quality products designed for functionality.

Who Founded KYT?

Eddy Tedjakusuma founded KYT as part of a racing idea project. He turned the PT TARA group into the largest helmet production manufacturer in the world. It’s now called the best global manufacturer and is focused primarily on motorcycle helmets.

Over the years, KYT racing helmets evolved into the best brand because it constantly researches options and uses the latest technology to create the products. Everything is developed and designed in Italy.

Reasons to Use KYT Racing Helmets

Primarily, KYT racing helmets are used in motorcycle races and competitions. However, many motorcycle enthusiasts now use them while traveling because they are so durable and safe.

Those who enjoy participating in motorsports have a safe helmet that protects them during their stunts. There are no issues with performance, and they’ve got an affordable price so that everyone can purchase them with ease.

A Dedication to Motorsports

KYT racing helmets are dedicated to motorsports and help various professional racers throughout the world. Andrea Iannone, Aleix Espargaro, and Xavier Simeon trust this brand to protect them during their careers.

Top Three Products

Here’s a quick run-down of the top three KYT racing helmets on the market:


The NZ-Race version uses a tri-composite shell made of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon. You can find two sizes, but the EPS liner comes in three sizes, so you mix and match to get the best fit.

It meets FIM and ECE homologation standards and is a light helmet. You’ve got three air intakes in the front that funnel air through the channels to exit at the rear of the helmet. There’s even a large eye port with a thick visor that features a Pinlock insert, allowing you to change it without tools.


You’re sure to appreciate the NF-R version. It features a track-red finish with high-quality graphics and a deep glossy appearance. There are two closable vents at the top and one on the chin. That means you can stay cool and comfortable while riding in any weather.

The visor is easy to remove because of the tab on both sides. Some people like to crack it open a little to get a bit more airflow.


Those who need a full-face helmet are sure to appreciate the TT-Course. It uses ADT-advanced technology, making it impact-resistant. There’s also an aerodynamic spoiler, removable inner pads that can be washed, and a scratchproof and fog-proof visor.


Overall, KYT racing helmets offer superb protection and decent airflow. Many popular motorsports professionals use them, and you can, too. Whether you like to dabble in the sport or enjoy riding safely, this brand has you covered!

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