YG Moto partnered with ANX Company in 2021 to sell, market accessories, and provide worldwide shipping services of KYT helmets to our customers. YG Moto has continuously transformed to ensure we provide protective gears to our two-wheel riders. Our mantra is always to provide the best product for our customers continually. High-quality KYT helmets and accessories are a reflection of this commitment.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Helmet Providers

YG Moto offers a wide range of KYT helmets and accessories worldwide. Our focus on style, quality, design and safety makes us a safe option for motorcycle customers. It has made YG Moto be among the leading gear providers in the world.

We prioritize safety and understand that our two-wheel riders are not just riding their motorcycles but also carrying dreams. The thought of helping anyone fulfill any dream makes us work two times harder on our automation and quality. Therefore, we strive to import safe, comfortable, innovative, and quality helmets.


With a spacious manufacturing area, KYT Company has the capacity to churn out millions of helmets every year. KYT have facilities like a testing laboratory to ensure that KYT Helmet products are in compliance with the regulated standards of the market.

Supported by a Team of Professionals

Our team of professionals on board has kept the KYT helmets to sour higher on the market. The dream team understands the mission, vision, and end goal of YG Moto. Therefore, they have equally aligned their efforts to ensure that KYT Helmet is a success. We can’t beat our chest up and say that we’re a success without acknowledging the efforts of our employees plus our customers, who time and time again choose our products.